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SAH Now Carries Vectra + Vectra 3D for Use Against Fleas and Ticks

This year, SAH has added Vectra and Vectra 3D for use against fleas on cats and dogs, as well as ticks on dogs; after seeing cases of resistance to Frontline with flea infestations.

Clients who walk their dogs in heavily tick-infested areas (e.g., Trout Brook Reservation or the wooded areas of Lake Mohegan) benefit from Vectra 3D on their dogs by virtue of a repellant effect in addition to killing the ticks. Frontline does not repel the ticks but kills them once on the dog's skin.

Vectra 3D should be placed on several locations between neck and rump on dogs versus Frontline, which is deposited on one spot on thneck or shoulders.

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